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Free Shipping on Every Order! Plus, No Sales Tax! We carry brands: Craftsman, Husky, Kobalt, & Stanley. We offer full sets of torx wrenches, ratcheting torx drivers, folding torx keys, & security star bits. Purchase separately or part of a full hex key set. Not all brands are available at once.

Security Star Key and Torx Bits

If you’re looking for the best deal, we suggest going a metric, SAE, & torx combo set of wrenches. The individual wrench sets are only recommended to those who already own the other items in the set. People often wonder why the security star wrenches are more expensive than their hexagon-shaped counter parts. The primary reason for the cost difference is that mold the security star tip is more expensive to make. Also, the level of precision for manufacturing these types of wrenches it much greater than for a hex bit.

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