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Free Shipping on Every Order! Plus, No Sales Tax! We carry brands: Craftsman, Husky, Kobalt, & more. We offer full sets, replacement wrenches, T-handle wrenches, folding hex keys, long arm, short arm, & others. SAE, Metric, torx, & combo bundles. Not all brands are available at once, however, we typically carry hex keys & Allen wrenches made by Allen Pal, Craftsman, Husky, Kobalt, & occasionally Stanley.

Hex Key Sets and Allen Wrench Sets

If you’re looking for recommendations, we always suggest going with a complete hex key set rather than just replacement hex wrench. The replacement hex keys are geared more towards customers who have recently purchased a new wrench set, but have either misplaced or broken one of the hex wrenches. We don’t suggest trying to rebuild your old hex key set. IF you need more torque, check, out our T-handle wrenches & our Allen wrenches with torque handles. Lastly, we suggest the folding Allen wrenches for bikers and other adventurists because they’re easy to carry along.

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