Folding Hex Keys

Folding Hex Keys & Folding Allen Wrenches at Hand Tool Essentials

Free Shipping on Every Order! Plus, No Sales Tax! We carry brands: Craftsman, Husky, Kobalt, & more. Our folding hex keys can be purchased separately or in complete sets. We carry metric, SAE, & torx sizes. The convenience of the folding hex key is what makes it one of the most demanded hex tools on the market. Since each key folds into the wrench handle, it’s impossible to misplace or lose one of your hex keys. The handle can be leveraged to provide extra torque when using. Also, the wrench folds into a compact position so the whole tool can easily fit in your pocket.

Folding Hex Sets and Folding Torx Wrenches

We recommend the folding Allen wrenches for bikers and other adventurists because they’re easy to carry along. These are also great for individuals who need an a small set of Allen wrenches in their tool collection, but use them regularly. For contractors & work shop enthusiast, our other types of hex keys may better fit your needs.

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