Outdoor Cat Door in Fence Gate

DIY Cat Doors & Outdoor Fence Passageways

Cats aren’t afraid of fences. And their ability to maneuver them quickly validates their confidence. However, there’s no questioning that cats would be safer if they spent less time walking the fence line. But since our feline friends often don’t listen to our wishes, the best option is to provide them with another alternative. Thus, we took our chances by creating outside cat doors in our fences and gates. These passageways allow our kitties to navigate to other yards without having to climb.

Building a Cat Door in Your Fence or Gate

The easiest version of the DIY outside cat door involves just two simple saw cuts. By removing a 5″ to 6″ square from the corner of the fence board, we have a perfectly sized passageway for our cats. Lastly, adding some decorative framing gives the door a cleaner look and some additional support (seriously).

DIY Cat Door in Fence
DIY Cat Hole in Fence
DIY Cat Outdoor Passageway in Fence
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