Colonial Cat Bed Daybed Style

Colonial-Style Cat Bed | Daybed Edition

Cats are demanding when it comes to having multiple sleeping surfaces. Thus, we created this Colonial-style cat bed to accommodate our feline friends and their demands. With the versatile appearance of Colonial furniture, this cat daybed matches most other furniture styles that are common in North America. And with a few tips from us at Hand Tool Essentials, we’ll share our secrets for making the millwork easy.

For the legs, we actually used two oak stair balusters that we purchased from Lowe’s. By cutting them in half, we were able to use the shorter ends for the front legs and the longer ends for the back. And yes, we do have a wood lathe in our shop. However, making two sets of identical beds posts is better saved for human beds. The stair balusters also provide some other advantages including a flat surface to create headboards. This allows for faster assembly without compromising the appearance. And given our experience with cats and previous beds, there is no guarantee that they will use them.

Colonial Cat Bed Kitty Daybed
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