Imperial Socket Wrench Sizes for Quarter-Inch Drive 1/4"

SAE Socket Sizes for 1/4″ Drive

SAE Socket Sizes for Quarter-Inch Drive 1/4"

Before you buy the wrong socket wrench set, checkout our chart to know which SAE sizes are compatible with a ​1/4″ drive. We searched the internet and compiled the 11 most common SAE socket sizes seen in ​​​1/4″ drive sets. The standard Imperial sizes of square drives includes  ​​1/4″, ​3/8″,​ 1/2″, ​​3/4″, ​1″, ​​1-1/2“, ​2-1/2“, ​& ​3-1/2“. Though there are a few other less common sizes, ​1/4” is ultimately the smallest. Thus, the smallest socket sizes are only available in this drive size.

Uses for 1/4″ Drive Sockets

Given their small size, 1/4″ drive sockets are ideal for tight spaces & precision applications. Some examples include skateboards, gardening equipment, small motors, & electronic devices. Also, mechanics & plumbers will need a set of 1/4″ drive sockets when reaching into close quarters.

In addition to being the smallest drive size, quarter-inch drive wrenches tend to have shorter handles. This results in the wrench having less torque than longer counterparts. Though this may seem less desirable, it’s actually quite useful in applications where over tightening is disastrous. As a result, 1/4″ drive wrenches are great candidates for delicate materials like plastics, ceramics, & aluminum.

The other main advantage of having a set of 1/4″ drive sockets is simply convenience. Woodworkers & machinists normally keep a pair on their workbench for tinkering and minor repairs. While larger wrenches are necessary for working out on the job, a 1/4″ drive will suffice for most household needs. Of course, this isn’t to say that 1/4″ drive wrenches operate without limitations. Larger bolt sizes are best fastened with drive sizes that are comparable in size. That is, while you can use a quarter-inch drive with a 9/16″ socket, a larger sized drive may better server you. As a general rule of thumb, it’s time to move up a size if your socket is more than twice the size of your drive.

SAE Socket Sizes for 1/4″ Drive
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